Pressure testing the intake system .......Continued

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Sat Jul 31 15:17:57 EDT 2004


When you replace these o-rings, fwiw don't worry about the plastic injector 
cups/seats.  No o-ring under there, and they are a bit delicate.  I wound up 
turning the wrong way on one many moons ago.  Stripped the allen wrench 
keying for the seat, and couldn't get it out.  Quite a boondoggle.

Wound up having to burn and cut it out.  PIA...and no o-ring.

Derek P

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Thanks for the input Phil.
The plugs have been in for about 20k. I  like the wine cork plug that is
easy to do. I will order some o rings on Monday for the injectors and
while I have them out I will test them to check their operation..
In looking at the Crank case pressure valve it looks like it has a hole
that vents to the outside, I would think that it would go to a diaphragm
and not leak through to the crank case vent system.
The seepage on the #5 spark plug is not real major, there was no oil up
in  the connector ( still something to watch), I did not check the plugs
as my old school plug socket is to big to get at them( bummer I get to
buy a new tool!).

Chuck Pierce
91 200tq 20v Avant

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