Green Gold leak?

Kneale Brownson knotnook at
Sat Jul 31 19:38:59 EDT 2004

The pump splits in half.  The rear half does the power steering pressure,
the front half the power brakes.

Anyway, there are half a dozen little O-rings sealing the passageways for
oil between the two halves.  Those leaks only get worse.  Eventually, it'll
get bad enough to empty the reservoir in a trip around the block.

Reseal kits are in the $25-30 range.  They include everything you need to
revive the sealing except new O-rings for the banjo bolts.

Your Bentley has a terrific write-up on the resealing procedure.

At 07:23 PM 7/31/2004 -0400, PeterBergin at wrote:
>Got the green gold leak coming from the underside of my pump.  It is not any 
>of the three lines with banjo bolts on top, and it does not appear to be the 
>shaft seal.  What else can leak under their?  It leaks enough to require 
>refilling the reservoir every 500 mile, runs down the front of the motor and 
>along the oil pan.
>91 Avant
>PS also, is their any way to reset or re-calibrate the miles to empty on the 
>trip computer.  Mine seams to read randomly high numbers.
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