Low Miles Wagon Find Story

Gordy_Schesel at allianzlife.com Gordy_Schesel at allianzlife.com
Tue Jun 1 16:11:22 EDT 2004

I live in the Twin Cities and work near Carousel.  I think I may have seen
your bamboo colored wagon parked at an office building also not far from
Carousel.  I have not seen it for the last year or so, possibly meaning
that it migrated to the Florida area where you discovered it.  That bamboo
exterior color really grows on you, I know, my 100 is the same color.
Otherwise, it sounds like it is the same as my pearl 200 20v wagon.  The
Audi gods have smiled down on you.

91 200 20v wagon, 116k miles, pearl
91 100 sedan, 199k miles, bamboo
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