Aftermarket alarm

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Tue Jun 1 22:13:03 EDT 2004

Thanks, guys!

I found it on Chris's site.  I had looked there but did not find it before -
I'm not sure how I managed to miss it.  The wiring diagram is what I
remember seeing before.

Now I just need the 100/A6/S4/S6 Bentley.  I have been holding out for a
paper copy, but maybe it's time to buy the CD.  BTW, I think the new Bentley
registration system sucks - I have two PC's, one in the garage (older) and a
newer one in the basement.  It was really nice when I could install the
repair manual on both.  With the new licensing, they have prevented this -
no gain in revenue, just an inconvenienced customer.

Anyway, thanks.


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Look on Chris miller's and 20V ORG sites.  The concept and implementation is
the same for the 44 and 89 chassis, only minor wire color and relay location
differences.  You'll need the Bentley wiring diagram as my stuff relates to
changes/additions to that.

FWDs coming your way,


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> Thanks, Bernie.
> I was pretty sure it was you that had posted on this before, but I can't
> find the emails.  You have a diagram, right?  Is there something on the
> This is for a friend's 1994 S4, but I assume it is similar or adaptable.
> Tom
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>> Tom,
>> If your car is a 200-20V, it was equipped with the factory Anti Theft
>> System.  The way to go is to install only a RKE, remote keyless entry
> system
>> integrated into the Audi ATS and the pneumatic door locking system.
>> buy the redundant alarm system.  I have published the wiring info to both
>> the 200-20V and the 20V lists, but will fwd what I have.  I've not put a
> key
>> into a door for the past 5 years, and at one time had 3 Audis working on
> the
>> same RKE.
>> Bernie
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>>> Subject: Aftermarket alarm
>>> Folks,
>>> I know this has been covered, but a search of the archives came up
> empty.
>>> Does anyone have a link to a schematic to install an aftermarket RF
> alarm and
>>> tie it into the factory power lock system?  I'd like to install an
> aftermarket
>>> actuator but use the factory alarm and locking system.  Any specific
>>> recommendations?
>>> TIA
>>> Tom
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