Aftermarket alarm

Wed Jun 2 00:08:16 EDT 2004

>I keeping hoping a paper copy will appear
>somewhere for sale.

If you are in need of a Bentley for minor reference, check your local library.  I have access to EVERY Bentley ever published at my local library...definitely worth the price of admission.  I have avoided the $100+ investment since ownership by my as-needed trips to the local library.  

Definitely worth looking into.  I know many libraries now days have online card catalogs.  Doing a search under "Robert Bentley" should be sufficient to yield a return. 

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  Lol - I'm sure Chris has heard it all before.  Besides, I _would_
  technically be violating the license agreement.  However, I am just one
  user, so you would think there would be some way around this.  BTW, Uwe Ross
  was kind enough to provide be with a second activation code for VAG-COM
  (back before the connection adaptor acted as a "key") at no extra charge
  when I explained the situation to him.  

  Bentley should license per user, or at least sell additional licenses for a
  discounted rate.  I would still bitch, but I might buy a second license for
  a reasonable amount - say maybe 25%.  My garage is about 2 miles from my
  house and the PC there is old, off line, and printerless.  It is "ok" for
  Bentley, but not great.  It is much nicer to figure things out at home on
  the new box, then just use the shop machine for quick (slow?) reference.

  I would buy the manual in some form because it also covers my 96 A6 Avant
  and my 1995.5 S6.  However, I have managed to survive without the Bentley so
  far using my own accumulated Audi knowledge and the wisdom and experience of
  the 200 20v and urS lists.  I keeping hoping a paper copy will appear
  somewhere for sale.


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  Bitch to Chris Miller about the Bentley restrictions, apparently he's in
  charge there.

  You only need several pages from the S4 Bentley, those covering the ATS and
  the door locking systems.  Why need you buy a Bentley for your friend's car


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