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At 5:16 PM -0400 6/3/04, Dan Wing wrote:
>With help from several listers, I have located some Eurolights. The 
>seller was going to put them on his South African 1990 200, but is 
>going to use V8 stuff.
>Do I need to check anything else with him to be sure they are the 
>ones that will fit my 91 200q20, using my 1991 grille
>? He says that they come with the bulbs but he does not have the 
>clear corner lights. His original description says "set of 2 used 
>Euro headlights (left and right) from the 5000/200 turbo. Used good 
>condition, all 3 bulbs included on each headlamp (H4 main bulbs).
>Are these the right ones? Write me if you know.

Make sure the lights come complete with the upper and lower metal 
"trim retaining bracket" assemblies. Some listers have bought 
"eurolights" and found that they do not have the brackets, and if so, 
they cannot be mounted properly. Here are the p/ns for the bracket 
assemblies. They were part of the complete Bosch eurolight assemblies 
that many of us have purchased, but other brands of eurolights might 
be sold without these pieces:
447 941 045	 upper (left) retaining (trim) bracket
447 941 046	upper right retaining bracket

447 941 045D	lower (left) retaining bracket
447 941 046D	lower (right) retaining brkt

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