OBD ports missing?

Phil Rose pjrose at frontiernet.net
Fri Jun 4 18:43:20 EDT 2004

At 3:19 PM -0700 6/4/04, Tom Egbert wrote:
>   I have an early production (11-90) 200-20v and there are no ports 
>for code download in the driver's footwell. I just purchased it 
>(with 64,000 miles) and brought it home from North Carolina. I 
>needed to replace the bypass valve and vacuum line and it now will 
>run sweet but only to 1.7 bar. It has a TAP stage 2 with euro 
>wastegate spring.
>    My other 200 20 v has 210,000 miles and IA stage III+ I know what 
>2.0 bar feels like. This newer car has no dash check engine light. 
>How do I clear and check codes?
>     Can I pull the ecu's from both cars and switch?

I don't believe there were any "early production" cars made without 
the diagnostic connectors. Anyway, an 11/90 build date isn't early 
production (my red car is 7/90).  How hard have you looked? I'll bet 
if you get your head down there and look long enough above the 
driver's footwell area you'll eventually see the ports--pulled off 
their mounts and stuffed out of sight. Unless of course you see a 
bunch of clipped wires.... :(

The addition of a bulb to provide a check-engine light is a 
straightforward matter. AFAIK, reading and clearing any codes 
requires access via those missing connectors--switching ECUs won't 
help in that respect.


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