Full Synthetic for $2.69/qt. - Too bad it prob ended.

Steve Scalmanini sscalmanini at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 4 22:18:38 EDT 2004

I ran into this deal today in my local NAPA outlet 
in N. Calif. when I went in to restock on Mobil-1 
at $4.99 - 10% AAA discount.  A stack of ads was 
still on the counter from May that had NAPA brand 
full synthetic for $2.69/qt. in 5W30, 10W30 & 15W50.  

They thought twice about giving me the deal that 
technically ended last Monday, but since the flyers 
were there ... So I got two cases. 

They said it's a new product (guess the sale price 
was introductory) and is now at the normal price of 
three something; certainly less than M-1.  Also said 
Valvoline makes all the NAPA oil, so I assume it's 
good quality. 

Anyone else hear about this?  Quality comments?  

Good luck trying to find the deal tomorrow if there's 
a NAPA near you.

Ukiah, CA 

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