Cutting out on left turn

Patrick Anderson patrick.anderson1 at
Sat Jun 5 21:51:27 EDT 2004

Just had a problem pop up today. Was going to change my oil so I had to move my car around the driveway but it kept stalling on me. Took about 5 restarts to move the car up the driveway. I figured I would do my oil change and then think about this new little problem. After finishing the oil change I started the car to see if it would idle....and it did for 15-20 minutes without a problem. So I thought maybe the stalling wasn't the car, and chalked it up to operator error. Now I go to back out the driveway and stall the car again. Then I drive my car down the road to the store and I notice that the car stumbles/power cuts out on left hand turns. No problem in a straight line or turning right, but when I go to the left and get the car to lean a bit it stumbles. This is all very preliminary as the problem just popped up and I won't have a chance to dive into it until tomorrow but does anybody have any BTDT or other thoughts on what to check. I'm thinking something to do with fuel delivery but am not sure (and I do have a 1/2 tank of gas). 


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