TO bearing failure

n-engelbert at n-engelbert at
Tue Jun 8 12:35:28 EDT 2004

Last weekend, the original TO bearing on my 200q20v failed at 229k.  I had
a pulsating clutch pedal that vibrations disappeared on when released
(pedal up).  When I was almost to my parents' house friday evening after a
300 mile drive from Chicago, the pulsating began friday morning, the
bearing finally totally let go.

This was accompanied with the engine dying and not restarting.  I had to
roll the car off the road into a parking lot, which was fortunately
downhill, but in order to get the car into a space, I cranked the car while
in gear just a little.

My question is, why won't the engine restart?  It will crank just as fast
as ever in neutral, and the car will move if it's in gear and cranking.
Did the bearings damage the crank sensor?  Could the timing pin in the
flywheel have been damaged?

This car is an engine donor anyway, so this is an excuse to start
dismantling the car, but I'd like to have it running again before I take it


Nathan Engelbert
83 UrQ DA900453 recipient
89 90q beater
91 200q20v donor

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