warm start - no idle issue take 2

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On the below, I don't think it's not worthwhile to take the chance, but the 
big reason I didn't suspect the ISV is that the problem is not constant.  It 
seems to me that if the ISV was sticking it would stick in both hot and cold 

Of course this is idle theorizing, and perhaps scott has tried the technique 
and seen it to work...

Derek P

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Hi Nat,

I forgot I had this but ran across it tonight preping
for the 195K service.  Came from Scott last year.
Haven't tried it yet but prob will in the next few weeks.

You still havin' the problem?  I haven't for a few months.

Ukiah, CA

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One thing to try, is to  remove the idle stabilizer valve but leave the
electrical connector on the valve and then run the ECU Output tests and
step through the tests until it cycles the ISV on/off while you spray some
carb cleaner through the valve. I have seen them stick from time to time
from carbon bits that get stuck or embedded into the rotor valve face.

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