Ben Gibby jordad at
Wed Jun 9 17:51:34 EDT 2004

Just got the word from the body shop, the 20 Valve is totaled, the tree won. I parked the car in the drive way Monday night and went inside, my wife came home later and asked why the car was at the bottom of the hill.
I went out and the car was against a tree, 50 feet from where I parked it.  Tried to start it and it grinds loudly, intercooler pushed into the crank pulley. IC took most of the damage so engine should be fine, but bumper and hood are shot. I will buy the car back and fix it myself. I found an Aux. rad on Blau but can't find an intercooler, any suggestions on where to find a new one?
My parts car will supply the body parts to fix it so the only things I need to buy will be 20 Valve specific stuff. I might even get to slip some go fast stuff in there while I am at it.
 TIA, Ben 

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