custom wheel builders?

Brandon Rogers brogers at
Fri Jun 11 18:02:25 EDT 2004


Thanks for all the ideas WRT custom wheel builders.  I pretty much knew the
answer to my questions but still had to pursue it a little bit just so I
really knew.  I called several wheel manufacturers about building a new 15 x
8 Ronal R8, but in 16" diameter instead of 15", and I asked for it to be
forged.  Basically -  it ain't gonna happen.  Cost prohibitive really, among
other issues.  Oh well - we can dream, and until you ask the answer is
always "no"...

So unless anybody here has a special "in," that is what it will remain, just
a dream...


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> At 1:48 PM -0600 6/10/04, Brandon Rogers wrote:
> >Does anybody know of a company out there who will build custom
> >aluminum, preferably forged, wheels?
> I'm surprised nobody mentioned them yet, but Fikse?  Very nice
> looking wheels, the classic and profil 10 look very much like the
> traditional BBS wheel.
> Second the "you must have deep pockets" comment...
> Brett
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