custom wheel builders?

Dave Head v8q at
Sat Jun 12 13:49:41 EDT 2004

Ask him what the cost would be for a 17" knockoff of the Fuch alloy 5 

Cody Forbes wrote:

>Champion Motorsport. Not a famous brand (yet), because they just started
>doing wheels recently. Dave Miraj's (owner of Champion Racing and Champion
>Porsche/Audi dealer) son Neveen runs it these days and they just built a new
>beautiful building nearby to my race shop and the Champion race shop. The
>Champion RS6s and the old S4s used the Champion Motorsport wheels, as do
>many other teams these days. is thier
>website, but I'm not sure if theres any info about custom wheels. I'll ask
>Neveen next time I see him for you though, but right now he is in France for
><sarcasm> some little race that everybody keeps talking about</sarcasm>.

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