Induction Noise ...please?

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Mon Jun 14 01:06:37 EDT 2004

Yes, you can remove the front of the airbox with the "snorkel" as you put
it. It will make the car a little bit louder.

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>   Juvenile as it may seem, i want more whooshing and hissing when i step
> the gas.  Is there any way to make this happen?  Can the airbox be
> so-as not to be so silencing?  I've heard of people "removing the snorkle"
> other cars with good success, is that an option on our cars?  Do we have
> "snorkles"?
>   Additionally, does anyone know if Mihnea is still doing computer
> I think that i finally can justify spending some cash on fun stuff like
> Many thanks,
> Adam Chinchiolo
> '91 200q20v sedan
> Ripon, CA
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