2B camber plate install parts

auditude at cox.net auditude at cox.net
Wed Jun 16 13:15:17 EDT 2004


In order to fit the 2Bennett camber plates to a 200q20v, I 
understand certain ur-S4/6 parts are required.  

>From the 2B site: 
"5000, 100, 200, V8 models require use of '92- '98 S4/S6 
lower plates and bearings because of a larger center 
adjustment hole."

I'm not 100% what is meant by "lower plates".  Are these the 
same part as the modified version offered by ECS: 

Or, are we talking about the "strut mount" (I think not 
since I think both this and the 2B plates contact the strut 
shaft and so are mutually exclusive):

I understand the bearing part, it's the cheap-looking plastic ring bearing thing.  I want to get some clarification on the other stuff tho'.

If the "lower plates" are the same as the modified ones offered by ECS, where can I find a pair of unmodified ones (which I assume is what I need)?

By the way, the strut mounts are on special right now at 
Strut Mount-Front: $24.95
(4A0 412 377C)  Audi 100/S4/S6/A6 Models  92-97

I plan to do the suspension with the camber plates, Eibach 
1529.140's, and Bilstein BI-P36-0369/BI-B46-2066's.  I may 
have to use the ECS rear spacers if I get a set of the funny 
Eibachs, and/or if my eventual speaker box brings the back down too much.



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