A8L rotor source for big reds?

auditude at cox.net auditude at cox.net
Wed Jun 16 13:21:17 EDT 2004


On my 200q20v I also gotta upgrade the brakes, as I'm now a member of the "G60's are not enough for the 200q20v" camp.  I wasn't able to stop as well as I wanted to, the second time.

Can anyone share with me a good source for a pair of the 4D0 615 301 A rotors for an A8L that can be used with RS2 brackets and big reds on a G60 car?  I have a quote so far of $292 for the pair, but there might be a better deal out there somewhere.  Any slotted sources?

By the way, which years are the ones that had the 323x30mm rotors?  I've found posts describing them as "late model", but is that 2000 through present, or 2000 through ??



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