2B camber plate install parts

Bernie Benz b.benz at charter.net
Wed Jun 16 15:17:32 EDT 2004

There was a list thread on this subject just a month or 2 ago, in which I
was one of the protagonists.  Look it up.

> From: <auditude at cox.net>
> Hi,
> In order to fit the 2Bennett camber plates to a 200q20v, I
> understand certain ur-S4/6 parts are required.
> From the 2B site:
> http://www.2bennett.com/body_camber.plates.html
> "5000, 100, 200, V8 models require use of '92- '98 S4/S6
> lower plates and bearings because of a larger center
> adjustment hole."
> I'm not 100% what is meant by "lower plates".
Ref: Bentley 40.8a, #12, Bearing Plate which mounts to the inside of the
strut tower.
>  Are these the same part as the modified version offered by ECS:
> http://www.ecstuning.com/stage/images/product/iadmin/2437_x450.jpg
This part appears to be more like #14, Upper Spring Retainer.
> Or, are we talking about the "strut mount" (I think not
> since I think both this and the 2B plates contact the strut
> shaft and so are mutually exclusive):
> http://img.eautopartscatalog.com/live/L303039114.JPG
Item #11 Strut Mounting.
> I understand the bearing part, it's the cheap-looking plastic ring bearing
> thing.  I want to get some clarification on the other stuff tho'.
Cheap looking doesn't count.  It's a good refurbishable bearing, relative to
the cheap 89 chassis bearing.
> If the "lower plates" are the same as the modified ones offered by ECS, where
> can I find a pair of unmodified ones (which I assume is what I need)?
There are 3 items that may restrict the strut shaft movenmet adjustment
within the spring, 11, 12, and 13.  Thus, these may require replacement with
the S4 parts.  No BTDT.  But this has nothing to do with the 2B junk.
> By the way, the strut mounts are on special right now at
> TPC:
> http://www.thepartsconnection.com/specials.htm
> Strut Mount-Front: $24.95
> (4A0 412 377C)  Audi 100/S4/S6/A6 Models  92-97
No need to replace these unless the strut rod isolator is shot, unlikely.

> I plan to do the suspension with the camber plates, Eibach
> 1529.140's, and Bilstein BI-P36-0369/BI-B46-2066's.  I may
> have to use the ECS rear spacers if I get a set of the funny
> Eibachs, and/or if my eventual speaker box brings the back down too much.
> Thanks,
> Ken

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