Speedo Died in the Rain!

Brett Dikeman brett at cloud9.net
Fri Jun 18 01:35:51 EDT 2004

At 9:08 PM -0600 6/17/04, Grant Dion wrote:
>Here I go again...While driving in torential rains, my speedometer suddenly
>died. After the rain stopped it it did not come back to life. Is there a
>switch in the undercarriage that may have quit? Please HELP. THere was no
>indications prior to this that it was failing.

The connector is on the driver's side near the front driver's side 
output shaft- it looks like the standard Audi connector, with 3 pins. 
Connector plugs in downwards.  When the speedo died on mine recently, 
had some water in it and the pins were slightly corroded.

You may find unplugging+replugging the connector fixes it, but if 
water got in there, it may be best to dry it out/blow it out with 
air, clean all the surfaces/connector seal, and apply some 
deoxidizer/contact cleaner.  I'm not sure if the voltage levels are 
high enough for dielectric grease.

If that doesn't do it, you may  be looking at a problem with the dash 
itself...is the dashboard doing anything wonky like turn signal 
indicators glowing, or certain segments of the dash backlighting out, 

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