green gold pump leak

auditude at auditude at
Fri Jun 18 12:51:09 EDT 2004

So last night there is a get together in the In-n-Out parking lot.  BMW's, Audi's, and VW's.  There's some decent eye candy, but I notice that my car has a small puddle under it.  Turns out my power steering pump is leaking, apparently from the crush washer/banjo bolt area on the top of it.

Is this a standard size crush washer so that I can source a replacement locally, or is this something special that requires me to find a dealer or other source?  Where's a good source?

I've always noticed that the upper hose, to the reservoir I believe, was a little close to the dipstick and wasn't routed in the thick metal wire clamp/support coming off the enigne bracket.  Since I have to mess with that fitting I'll be able to orient the hose better, which is something positive.



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