green gold pump leak

Bernie Benz b.benz at
Fri Jun 18 21:39:11 EDT 2004

> From: <auditude at>
> So last night there is a get together in the In-n-Out parking lot.  BMW's,
> Audi's, and VW's.  There's some decent eye candy, but I notice that my car has
> a small puddle under it.  Turns out my power steering pump is leaking,
> apparently from the crush washer/banjo bolt area on the top of it.
Not the likely leak source, Ken.  Much more likely would be one of the
cylinder heads, the X head caps, 4 for the PS and 2 for the PB.  Degrease
the pump well with solvent and then find the real leak.  If indead that you
are right, it is the supply line from the reservoir, just loosen the banjo
bolt a half turn and retighten, no need to replace the copper washer.  This
holds for any banjo bolt washer, I never have.

> Is this a standard size crush washer so that I can source a replacement
> locally, or is this something special that requires me to find a dealer or
> other source?  Where's a good source?
> I've always noticed that the upper hose, to the reservoir I believe, was a
> little close to the dipstick and wasn't routed in the thick metal wire
> clamp/support coming off the enigne bracket.  Since I have to mess with that
> fitting I'll be able to orient the hose better, which is something positive.
> Thanks,
> Ken

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