91 200 TQ Wagon stalling

SuffolkD at aol.com SuffolkD at aol.com
Sat Jun 19 12:07:51 EDT 2004

Greg:  Welcome to the list.  Although there are more knowledgeable guys here 
who will chime in, my guess sounds electrical.  Either way, I'd change the 
fuel filter to see if that helps.  Cheap and routine EXCEPT you need to be very 
careful using two wrenches separating the banjo fitting from the filter.  Too 
much torque and you kink the metal fuel line, or break the crimp fitting in 
front of the filter. (saw that one last week)  

Use liquid penetrant for a week or so prior to working on it.  Any drip there 
is close enough to your turbo to make things exciting.

Check your battery leads and engine ground strap for a solid connection.  I 
think the first gear race torqued something when shifting into second.  Check 
around the motor for a taught wire.
HTH - Scott by BOSTON

> Hello all,
> New to this list, I just purchased a 91 wagon, RS EM and RS Turbo with
> Hoppen stage 2 chip. The car is in exceptional shape, has been serviced
> by 2Bennett most of it's life. The previous owner was meticulous in his
> repairs and upgrades, and fixed things promptly. I put about 2k miles on
> it driving back from Sacramento to Colorado, the car performed
> flawlessly, unbelievable acceleration, ran cool through the desert (105
> deg.). Yesterday I started off from a light trying to keep up with an
> STI and after a shift to second the car started missing badly, pulled
> over, the car would idle but I could not get it to run over 2k rpms, it
> just sputtered. Tried several times with the same result. At first I
> thought I might have blown one of the turbo or IC hoses off, but they
> are fairly new and tight. Went to call AAA for a tow, came back 30
> minutes later and the car started right up and drove perfectly. Took it
> down to Sport Wheels and John Beckius was a little stumped (perhaps
> because he was trying to get out of the shop for a vacation). He poked
> around a little, and said that the fact the car started back up
> eliminates a lot of the typical causes of this kind of problem. He did
> not think a small or even loose hose would cause my problem, it would
> run poorly without power, but not as bad as my car was running. He did
> not think it was fuel related. He thought it could be an electrical
> problem (hall sender?) that occurs when it heats up and goes away when
> it cools down. Any one have any thoughts?

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