91 200 TQ Wagon stalling

Brett Dikeman brett at cloud9.net
Sat Jun 19 22:40:28 EDT 2004

At 8:39 AM -0600 6/19/04, Watts wrote:

>Any one have any thoughts?

The failure mode as you described is fairly unusual- it shouldn't be 
a blown hose as that wouldn't go away with a cooldown :-)

As Phil suggested, dump the diagnostic codes; this should have been 
the very first thing your shop did.

The official Audi/VW tools, aka the VAG-155x family, are hideously 
expensive and only used, for the most part, by dealers and 
independent audi shops that do a LOT of VW/Audi business.  VAG-COM 
(with a Y-adapter cable) and ProDiag both can read the extended 
codes, which indicate to your whether a particular problem is 
considered intermittent or continuous by the ECU- the blink codes 
don't, unfortunately, but they do in a pinch to get you headed the 
right way.

Keep us posted with any results of diagnostics!

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