Emissions Toulene and Street CREDIBILITY?

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Sun Jun 20 23:24:57 EDT 2004

I offer a post from the Porsche list. 

Q:  Does Toulene lower NO emissions?  Anyone here referenced in this post? 

Listers Chart of data deleted (not important) 
>>>"The %CO and %O2 numbers to me indicate the air/fuel mixture is good.  The 
high NO numbers at 15mph with the lower number at the later test at 25mph 
tell me its the cat.  As it happens my '87 325is is having the same problem 
with smog.  The cat has 244K miles on it. *******Some on the audi board have 
passed the smog check on non-cat cars with a mixture of gas and 
Appearly the toluene cools the mixture during combustion and lowers the 
amount on NO created.  It also increases octane. Toluene is available at 
most paint stores.  It might be hot air (pun intend) but worth the try 
before spending $400 on a new cat.  Drop me a line and I will direct you to 
the info sites on Toluene."<<< 

My name is not:  "Joe Smithson" <joe at smithson-associates.com> 
referencing: AUDI20V Digest for Thursday, June 17, 2004. 
"Back to my garage and my 911." 

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