Disassembling G 60s

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> Subject: Disassembling G 60s
> What's the procedure for disassembling the G60 caliper?  I've done several
> rear calipers, but never a front.   I imagine you can't turn the piston out
> like on a rear.  Do they ordinarily just pull out?
Place a piece of wood, 1/2 or 3/4" across the opposite pad support ears such
that the pistons won't go flying, and but air pressure to the fluid input to
pop them out.  If you want to paint them for pretty, sand blast them and the
pad carriers before disassembling the calipers.
> I presume that because I can't budge one of the pistons, I probably have a
> severe corrosion problem.
No, just sludged up, overhaul is long overdue.

> The other pushed in kind of stiff.  When I've
> compressed G60 pistons before, they've pushed in with a C-clamp fairly easily.
If clean and lubed they should push in with light thumb pressure.  You can
reuse the seals and boots if they are not torn.

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