91 200 TQ Wagon stalling

SuffolkD at aol.com SuffolkD at aol.com
Mon Jun 21 00:15:39 EDT 2004

Greg:  I whipped out my Bentley (BUY ONE) and the chart on D2-480-6 says:
"F-60" Idleswitch. Hmmmmmmmmmm  why is ISV: N 71?
Why is there no "F-60" on the Section 24 - 170 -1 page?  
There is an Idle switch but no mention of: "F-60" on Section 24 Page 120-1 

Here's my guess:
Your ISV, with the valve at the end of the IM gets stuck, this twarts a 
smooth idle and if the car is running poorly: the engine may be fighting to idle.  
You may sense this as "running poorly".

For NO reason other than coincidence, mine failed when I started the car back 
up from a ECU swap. Start the car and it dies over and over.  Idle possible 
with my foot into the gas holding it steady to idle. ~1000 RPM.
This valve either causes (when stuck) the car to die, or bounce idle between 
800 - 1200 RPM.  Check there.  Take it off and spray carb cleaner into it to 
get out all the junk.
Its a solenoid you can test with a 9V battery.  Simple open and close AFAIK.
***** The CLASSIC symptom (OF THIS) is putting in the clutch, coming to a 
stop light and the car dies..................... **********************  Yet it 
restarts, either on its own, but more likely your foot holding the idle by the 
gas peddal.

The photo I attached is where the book mentions to look Idle Switch, not 
where I described above, which is the ISV.

HTH - Scott by BOSTON
> Hello all,
> Pulled the code, the first code was 2121 which is the idle switch or
> it's wiring. Could this cause the stalling above 2k rpm's? I have a new
> extra switch, and I will check the wiring. Any opinions?
> Greg

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