A/C Stereo Clicking/Not Cold

Bob Reinhardt bobh at reinhardtmail.net
Mon Jun 21 00:31:53 EDT 2004

Ah, it's that time of the year again, when we look forward to the A/C 
in our cars as an escape from the hot temperatures outside.  Alas!  My 
A/C does not seem to be pumping out any cold air, despite having been 
recharged two months ago.  Furthermore, when I have the head unit set 
to "AUTO" and the stereo is on, the speakers (front) emit a 
snap,crackle, and/or pop occasionally--but when I have it set to 
"ECON", no such noises. This is something I did not notice a month ago 
when the unit was blowing blissfully cold air into the cabin.  Are 
these problems related?  Will I ever have cool air again?  What is to 
happen to my beloved Audi 200QT20V?

Signed with anticipated thanks,
Bob, suffering from a slight case of dementia  wrought by heat stroke

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