A/C Stereo Clicking/Not Cold

Mike Miller mikemilr at blackfoot.net
Mon Jun 21 00:56:42 EDT 2004

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 Furthermore, when I have the head unit set 
> to "AUTO" and the stereo is on, the speakers (front) emit a 
> snap,crackle, and/or pop occasionally--but when I have it set to 
> "ECON", no such noises. 

This is caused by the A/C Clutch relay if I recall correctly. Everytime the A/C compressor kicks out, it causes a voltage spike, which causes the radio to pop. There is a cheap fix soldering in a new diode I believe or you can spend big $$$ and buy a new relay. There should be plenty of info in the Archives or maybe on Chris Miller's page.

mike miller

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