green gold pump leak

Steve Scalmanini sscalmanini at
Mon Jun 21 02:47:36 EDT 2004

 15 mos. ago when I bought 3 litres from Rod at The Parts Connection 
in central CA they were $15 ea. plus tax (I'm in CA) & shipping.  
(800) 472-1144 

There are two earlier postings on how to flush. 
The party line from ZF: 
My 2 cents:

I've had no hydraulic problems in the 15 months since I replaced 
the pump and fluid.  

Good luck with yours, 

Ukiah, CA 


where's a good place to get Pentosin?  I bought a can at BAP the other day for like $23.  I would prefer something like $11 mail order or something, if that's possible.

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