Attention electronics technicians: Access needed to EURAS electronic repair information system [was: CD Changer - modulator source?]

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Do any of you that are electronic technicians have access to the EURAS database and can you locate the information below and send it to me? 


Ukiah, CA 

Model: XA7A (Car cassette player/Radio), Manufacturer: sony
The EURAS database for professional technicians and service engineers supplies the following faults for XA7A / sony. 
If you qualify for access to Euras and register for a free trial period, you will find the remedies (tech tips and sometimes circuit diagrams or extracts) here.
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  a.. No audio from tuner, CD changer or both. 
  b.. No audio. No audio from tuner and/or CD changer. 
  c.. Distorted audio. During playing of disc recorded at a high level, the high frequencies of the sound may distort or speakers vibrate. 
  d.. Crosstalk intermittently. Clock noise may be heard each second whilst playing the RM-X1/XA-7A/CDX-A30 system.

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