green gold pump leak

Kneale Brownson knotnook at
Mon Jun 21 17:59:11 EDT 2004

The pumps in the pre-87 5k differ from the pumps in the later Type 44 cars
(including the V8).  I think the difference is that there is a smaller
section to the pump for the brake boosting function.  Anyway, the two seal
kits are for the two different pumps.  I have several pumps (the yard
includes an '87 5ktq, a 200q20v and a V8) and the pumps from all three are
the same.  The brackets differ, as do the pulley alignments for the belts.
The V8 uses a flat serpentine belt for the same accessories that require
three belts on the I5s.  But the pumps are interchangeable.  I have one
rebuilt on the shelf for the next emergency failure and one to be resealed
that came off my 20v last fall.  

>I have heard of and read about people using the same pump to replace both 
>"red tag" and "green tag" pumps, and either 10vt or 20vt.  I have found 
>another 200q20v pump I can use, but I would like to know if these pumps are 
>swappable or if that is false economy.
>I think my plan is to swap a known good 200q20v PS pump onto the car, and 
>reseal the existing one.  I may try to replace the seals in situ first, if 
>they are accessible.  I like that idea.  I just don't want to waste time or 

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