Audis in China

Dave Haupt quattrodave at
Mon Jun 21 20:47:13 EDT 2004

I'm on a business trip in Shanghai.  Interesting to
see that most of the taxicabs and police cars are
Volkswagen Santanas - look like one-generation old
Jettas.  There are also Passats, with that name on
them, but all are individual vehciles, not fleet.  VW
has a plant here and are trying to provide fleet

Surprisingly, though, I've seen a couple of Audis. 
Several were A6s, and have also seen a 100 and a 200
of the type 44 body.  Very rare to see old cars here,
being near the ocean at about 3-4 years old they're
rusted out.  So the "older" body styles were probably
produced recently.

The 100 trunk said "100" on the left and "22E" on the
right.  The 200 had no other emblems.

The A6 are equipped with the 1.8 Turbo engine,
assuming the trunk emblem is correct.

All Audis I've seen here are black.  The VWs come in
the usual colors.

The most unusual thing I've seen is a pickup truck
with the Audi logo on the grille.  But it resembled an
Asian pickup truck, so I'm suspicious that someone
transplanted the logo.

The VWs dominate, but there are occasional Nissans,
and suprising to me, some Buick-labelled minivans. 
Also some Asian micro-vans of unknown manufacture. 
Have seen a few vehicles stalled in the middle of the
road with hoods lifted - all were of unknown,
presumably Asian, origin.

usually in Santa Rosa, CA
presently in Shanghai, China

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