Rear Seatback removal

Steve Scalmanini sscalmanini at
Tue Jun 22 18:00:42 EDT 2004

>From a post a some years back: 
< > 

First, remove the rear seat (easy), then the seat back (not so easy.)  Use a
thick putty knife or such to slide out the 4 wire clips that hold the rear
headrests into the black plastic "headrest guides" (Bendley p. 91.24) in the
top of the seat back; you'll see two slots in the edge of the head of each of
the guides where the wire clips slide in and out.  Then pull the headrests up
and out.  Next pull out the 4 guides by inserting a round bar (~9" #3 Phillips
screwdriver worked for me) to the bottom of each sleeve (~ 4") and pry the
bottom slightly forward (or rearward; I forget which) while pulling the head
up, and each'll pop loose.  Bend the two sheet metal bars that fasten the
lower part of the seat back (not-so-great a design) and pull the bottom of 
the seat back clear of those bars.  Now the seat back will move up and out.... How do you remove this POS?

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