Subject: Rear Seatback removal

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Wed Jun 23 07:21:52 EDT 2004

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Kneale writes:
> I want to run some wire from the battery into the trunk to set up a relayed
> trailer wiring system.  I decided to "do it right" and take out the rear
> seat backrest.  A half hour project has taken all fricking morning.  So
> far, I've followed Bentley's advice to remove headrests, release and remove
> the real PITA "keepers" that you get to from the trunk and am at the point
> where I'm supposed to push the seatback downward and release it from the
> retainers "in the heel".  
> The backrest won't budge.  I HAVE ALL FOUR of the retainers out.  
> I've tried pounding with a big rubber hammer on the top of the backrest,
> but there isn't much swing room.  I thought the jolting 
> might release some
> corroded stuff.  
> Nothing. 
> How do you remove this POS?
> ------------------------------

Did you have to release the ski sack pass through first?  Don't recall if that is required.  I think constant hard pressure versus "releasing" is required; might work better with two persons. Real chance of deforming the internal frame for the seat back...

Better yet, take a look at the right side near the battery, down low in the corner.  I recall a pass through spot where the ?phone? wiring goes through; probably big enough for another battery cable.  You can either lift up the corner of the seat back there, or it might be visible.

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