question on 200tq tuning

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Wed Jun 23 19:39:14 EDT 2004

Is the K&N such a bad thing?  I've heard both the good and the bad on this topic.  The only downside that i've heard of is if the K&N is overly re-oiled, some of that oil can damage the MAF, so as long as you don't slop the oil on there, you should be ok.  
>From everything i've read about them, they filter the same amount of particulates, if not more than stock, and possibly allow quicker turbo spool-up.  It would seem that other vehicles using MAFs like ours would have similar problems, but I have heard no such reports.  I'm only so interested in this because I have been considering purchasing one myself and don't want to ruin an expensive part (MAF) by using a relatively cheap but fun part (K&N).  

Adam Chinchiolo

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