question on 200tq tuning

Ben Swann benswann at
Wed Jun 23 20:45:30 EDT 2004


I concur with Bernie on the K&N - you won't believe the stuff that can slip through these things.  More importantly than in the older CIS cars, the oil that is required for proper filtration on the K&Ns is detriment of the MAF sensor.

Regarding the tires, I have 225/60's on mine. They are a bit oversized, as in too tall.  The 225 width is fine, so probably a 225/55 is more appropropriate.  Check one of the tire size calculators online such as to find your best fit, but the 225/55 will probably handle better, not rub when fully loaded and cause less speedometer deviation.


[Yeh, dump the K&N quick!

> From: pronn at
> Date: 23 Jun 2004 15:07:33 +0100
> To: 200q20v at
> Subject: question on 200tq tuning
> Fellow 200 drivers,  I am looking into a possible stage 2 tune for my '91
> 200tq20valve. I have a custom exhaust (DTM muffler and 2.5" single stainless
> most of the exhaust). There is also a K&N filter installed. Are there any
> simple mods I can do at home with standard tools for increased performance? Do
> H.P. injectors make a big difference, and how do I change out my waste gate
> spring? I will also be installing 225/60/ 15 ultra H.P. tires on it as I've
> heard that the BBS wheels will take them quite nicely. Any input would be
> great, Thanks.  Paul]

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