question on 200tq tuning

PeterBergin at PeterBergin at
Wed Jun 23 23:27:36 EDT 2004

Bernie, if you can give me a link to read about the quality of the K&N I 
would appreciate it.  If I am convinced I will remove mine.  Also on the "Green 
Gold" thread I cleaned and detailed my motor compartment the other day and added 
about an inch of Lucas stop leak to the reservoir.  Going on a 500 mile round 
trip to work on another toy tomorrow.  I will know of the leak is still 
their.  Also I pulled the dash to replace a couple bad instrument bulbs and tinker 
with my screwed up check engine display.  I just followed the steps on one of 
the sites and found no bad solder joints.  However I cleaned all the 
connectors and boards with a circuit board cleaner and everything works again.  My only 
screw up was I adjusted the speedo thinking that the allen was a fastener.  
But that was a quick fix.

Thanks for the advice.

91 Avant 

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