K&N and cone filters

TM t44tq at mindspring.com
Thu Jun 24 09:54:08 EDT 2004

I agree with your opinion on K&N for the most part, but you
over-generalize- the K&N Filtercharger cone setup is good for
an easy 25whp on a Mustang Cobra s/c. That's a huge gain for
a relatively cheap part (yes, this is dyno-tested by the car
owner, not K&N).

The Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX uses a cone filter
inside the airbox. The Ford Lightning also uses a cone setup from
the factory, inside the airbox. Obviously, just the fact that it
is a cone does not make it bad.

The reason I've heard for the "cone inside the airbox" setup is
that the airbox shields the intake from heat, which is the biggest
reason why these open cone filters don't work too well.

I'll stick with the OEM paper filters in my Audi, VW and Volvo, but
plan on going to K&N Filtercharger in the future Mustang, GTO or
whatever. Real wheel horsepower gains on the dyno can't be argued with,
and the numbers are significant- 35whp is nothing to sneeze at.


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