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Thu Jun 24 11:25:11 EDT 2004

Thanks from Colorado guys (Brett, Pete, Ben, Adam, and Bernie).It is refreshing to find knowledgable 200 drivers. I appreciate the information and experience involved with the response. I will replace the K&N with OEM soon as I need to clean the cloth filter soon anyway. I have had the K&N in for 2 years now with no problems at all - in fact it has performed flawlessly. In light of the fact Audi engineers create the most sweet rides on the face of the earth, OEM is the only way to go. I worked at Checker auto for 5 years and could never find a part number to match the 200 but the air box on the -don't quote me on this- 92-94? 5cyl model 90 measures the same, fits perfectly. By the way, I have converted my family from average car drivers into German car drivers. I recently got my brother Rob out of his Durango in a 2000 1.8 A4 and mom from a 91 New Yorker into her 98 528i (not as cool as the 01 A6 she almost got into).  I have a couple more questions, if I may. 1) If I wait 1 hour after driving, the starter spins but won't start - usually 3 trys to start. It won't happen if its cold or hot, but warm - new starter? 2) My replace or sevice disc brake light stays lit. I have replaced the pads and sensors (new ones spliced into existing wiring) on the UFO's (rotors are pretty low but still drivable). How can I turn this off? You guys rule, thanks again!!  Paul 

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