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Thu Jun 24 12:46:21 EDT 2004

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> 1) If I wait 1 hour
> after driving, the starter spins but won't start - usually 3 trys to start. It
> won't happen if its cold or hot, but warm - new starter?
Spins but won't always engage the flywheel?  Sticky engagement system, free
it up.

> 2) My replace or 
> sevice disc brake light stays lit. I have replaced the pads and sensors (new
> ones spliced into existing wiring) on the UFO's (rotors are pretty low but
> still drivable). How can I turn this off? You guys rule, thanks again!!  Paul
The pad wear circuit looks for continuity to ground thru the pad sensors in
series.  (Ref: Bentley pg.570) At the sensor connector to the left side pad,
one pin should be at ground thru the rt side pad.  The other pin, if
grounded should extinguish the lite.  This system is a PITA and is totally
unnecessary IMO, inasmuch as the pad backing plates are the best passsive
wear sensors.  So, if you can't find the problem, just ground the line to
the lite driver.  Rotors are never "pretty low", no such thing IMO.

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