green gold pump leak

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Thu Jun 24 13:06:28 EDT 2004

Bernie Benz <b.benz at> wrote:
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> > I finally got a look at what was going on, after cleaning and letting it leak
> > again.  I'm thinking it's the pressure hose now.  It seems to be most wet
> > underneath the hose, and I can sort of squeeze pentosin out from under the
> > sleeve at the end by the crimp.
> > 
> > I'll have to pull the pressure hose off my new parts car this evening and try
> > to get things squared away.
> > 
> > It's interesting that the hose looks like it's very new.  I can't tell if it
> > is a reproduction or the original.  There is something under the skin of it
> > toward the back.
> > 
> There is a restrictive orfice crimmped into the hose half way down, what you
> are feeling thru the foam cover.
> Bernie

Yes, the thing to make it quieter, that people try to incorporate into hose rebuilds reusing the original ends.

I was wondering if the presence of the orifice, embossing itself from the inside of the hose that way, was an indication of whether the hose was original or had been rebuilt?  Do rebuilt hoses reusing the orifice look like original ones, or is there a way to distinguish them from each other?

I guess I'll take that hose to a tube and hose shop and have them make a new one, and also have some a/c barrier hoses made for my Coupe GT.  This one car with a/c thing, when that car isn't driveable, is for the birds.  Hot, sweaty, sunstroked birds.



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