LONG: Mechanics NE WAS: good Audi5000cs tuners in New England (with Dyno's)

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Brett:  The pages (mechanics and parts) have been down since the last server 
crash/swap.  Lost forever I think you said............................
Lister(s): Re:  mechanics recommend/avoid.
AutoFirme:  Can't Thank Greg enough for doing the transmission job, 
referenced below, within $20 of estimate quote while Including a wheel bearing job.  By 
far the Premiere Audi shop IMHO.
Below is a letter of mine I snipped and copied verbatim about why I trailered 
my car ~150 miles to Greg in NY instead of NEA in NH...  Keep in mind that I 
trailered the car to NEA FIRST.
To NEA's credit they'd helped me in the past, (hence why I took "clutch" car 
there FIRST) they stuck to their $ estimate and solved a major head scratcher 
the last time I was there.  So why did I go elsewhere the second time?  Read 
on.  *clairification comments I just inserted* -Scott
"Reflecting on the clutch story....................
Justin was the kid on the phone I talked to about the clutch.

Back to the clutch car.
I told him I had a Mid-Atlantic 200 20V RUST FREE to work on this time so 
this should be routine.  (maybe he thought it was Semple's 20V *Avant I bought*?) 
I looked at it as a much easier ordeal than the 10V.

First it was 10 hour job @~$700 plus parts. PERFECTLY agreeable.
The parts were pretty steep (double) vs. where I could source them.

throw out bearing $60 vs ~$200
Clutch / Pressure plate etc.   Every part was an even number like $100, 200, 
400 etc.

I sourced all three in an off the shelf Sachs kit for ~$500 from Rod @ T.P.C 
*from memory*

I called *NEA* back and told him I sourced the parts and they were being 
shipped there.

He said he'd have to talk to the boss/owner.

Justin called back and said that they wouldn't:
Warranty the parts (okay - no kidding.)
warranty the work.  THAT's where I had a problem..................
increase the labor rate by either $10 an hour ,or $100 vs $70 (I can't 
----now I can understand making up the lost profit from the parts by 
increasing the labor rate

afterwards Justin called again and said the "owner" didn't want the job.
Okay, so I trucked it up and trailered the car back home.

The last *NEA* job was an agreed price of $1300 on my old 10v wagon which 
when fixed I traded to Chris Semple for this 20V wagon.
I'm sure the job was a crappy one.  
Engine was hydrolocked, but we didn't know until someone tore it down all the 
but they stuck to their repair bill, even thoough someone started putting the 
car back together before something was finished and they ate ($) on a head 
gasket which was compressed during the reassembly before something was taken 
care of.  SO they put in two gaskets (two different times) but charged me for 
one. FINE.

NEA did my 10V Avant siezed engine and it was supposedly at a loss.....
the outcome seemed to be a headgasket leak in #5 that when I parked the car 
on ramps for three weeks or so the coolant filled the #5 cylinder rings area so 
when I went to start it (and #5 near TDC) it compressed to the point of 
hydrolock and wouldn't budge.  All I got was a "Click" afterwards when I turned the 
key.  Stumped I brought it fo NEA.
That's it, thanks for listening.  
-Scott" *(by BOSTON)*

Brett Wrote:
Greg Haymann, who owns Autofirme in Amenia, NY is widely regarded as 
one of the best Audi mechanics in the northeast, and is very familiar 
with the older cars.
Not sure why the mechanics section is "offline"...

Kent wrote:
Check the Audifans web site: <http://www.audifans.com/mechanic.php>
-- which is currently off line?
Try: Northern European Automotive in Concord NH, list recommended.
They're at 236 Rear S. Main St. 603-228-0533.   I don't think they
have a dyno. But they do support a race team.
Kent, satisfied customer
'89 200 TQ, "Bad Puppy"
'94 100 S Avant, 2a, "no name"

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