"NE Audi Owners club" "Summer event"

Brett Dikeman brett at cloud9.net
Sat Jun 26 23:52:57 EDT 2004

Kind of a yawner, rained as well.  Bunch of Audis.  A few tuners 
showing the usual blowoff valves, manifolds, turbos, 
clutches...selling some chips.

  The hosts, KTR Performance, had an impressive collection of cars and 
a nice shop, but otherwise did nothing to play "hosts".  For example- 
no dyno runs, period, paid or not....no explanation why, just "we're 
not doing them, but you can come back any other time".  Felt like 
saying, "yeah, I hate it when i decide not to make $200/hr in cash 
all day long..."

Drag night was much more fun.  Motorcycles, snowmobiles(!), 
turbodiesel pickups, 10 second mustangs- you name it, New 
Hampsher-ites drag it, and it makes for great fun to watch in a 
look-what-the-cat-dragged-in kinda way; it's always fun watching some 
kid in a 2-door civic with a fart can muffler get totally shut down 
by a Dodge RAM 2500 turbodiesel.



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