A/C Stereo Clicking--Which Relay? (Modified by Bob Reinhardt)

Bob Reinhardt bobh at reinhardtmail.net
Sun Jun 27 02:00:00 EDT 2004

Hi, Bernie (and those interested),

Just a quick e-mail to let you know that I pulled the relay and that 
did stop the clutch and the popping.  So I've got the right relay.  
I've just got to find the right path.  Might I just replace both 

Thanks again for all of your help.


On Jun 26, 2004, at 4:41 PM, Bernie Benz wrote:

> Looks like you have the right relay.  It's been a long time since I've 
> had
> these relays opened, The 200 had a shorted diode, causing the 
> compressor to
> run all the time.  The 90 had an open diode, causing the electrical 
> system
> disturbance.
> If you pull the relay you should have no comp. clutch action and no
> electrical disturbance, Yes?  Trace out the circuit on the relay pc 
> board.
> Bentley pg. 590 is wrong, showing the clutch supression as being a 
> capicitor
> instead of a diode.  The diode, like the capacitor shown, is across the
> relay contacts, anode to pin 87 and cathode to pin 30.  The other 
> diode is
> likely the relay coil suppression diode, across the relay coil.
> Bernie
>> From: Bob Reinhardt <bobh at reinhardtmail.net>
>> Date: Sat, 26 Jun 2004 15:08:17 -0700
>> To: Bernie Benz <b.benz at charter.net>
>> Subject: Re: A/C Stereo Clicking--Which Relay?
>> Hi, Bernie,
>> Thanks for your quick response; always good to get your words of
>> wisdom.  Everything looks to be right as to which relay I pulled:
>> Item Number: 295
>> Part Number: 443 919 578 F
>> Location: Middle row, last on right (position 1)
>> Furthermore, the relay contacts seem to be right: 31, 30, 87, 87a, and
>> a middle one labeled "T".
>> I checked the diode I removed, and my mulitmeter says it's just fine,
>> which I thought was weird, but chalked up to my lack of expertise in
>> electronics manipulation.
>> I'm puzzled, but it's a feeling I'm getting used to with my beloved
>> Audi.  Any thoughts would be much appreciated.
>> Thanks again for all your help.
>> Cheers,
>> Bob
>> On Jun 26, 2004, at 2:43 PM, Bernie Benz wrote:
>>> That relay doesn't look at all like the AC relays that I have been
>>> into and
>>> replaced diodes in.  As I recall, there are two black diodes tightly
>>> squeezed on the board very close the the pin header.  No such luxury
>>> of the
>>> wide open spaces that you show.  Does the part number, item number 
>>> and
>>> location jive with what I detailed to you?  I think you have the 
>>> wrong
>>> relay.  Did you check the diode that you removed.  It should be open
>>> from
>>> your symptom.

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