Part #s/FAmily Album for 3b

The Corbs c.corbishley at
Sun Jun 27 17:20:23 EDT 2004

Hey Guys:

Finally into our own place again and a chance to address the oil leak that
has plagued my 200 donor since I got it.

The leak was coming from the junction of the "inspection" plate in the
passenger side of the sump right at the front.  I bought a new gasket ages
ago and expected a very quick and easy repair.

Not so.  I found that it appears to have taken an impact at the bottom which
has cracked this plate and bent two of the cap screws that secure it.

Thus I would ask for you help in establishing the part #s for the plate
itself and the cap screws that secure it.

I will obviously attempt to source replacements from a dealer.  Any other
more cost effective suggestions would be most appreciated.

I have lost my access to the family album in the move.  Any suggestions for
replacement would also be most appreciated.


John Corbs

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