Timing Belt Tightening

Alan Cordeiro alancordeiro at comcast.net
Sun Jun 27 21:22:29 EDT 2004

Bernie is right on both counts....give him his due...

(The timing belt will slowly loosen up over the next
few hundred miles, and have less tension anyway.)

btw, I had circlips on BOTH sides of the bearing, got everything
out but the bearing itself. The thing is just WELDED in the housing.
The hub is off, and the hub race is off, the circlips are out...
Trip to a good machine shop tomorrow I guess...


> Kneale, You didn't tighten the cam shaft sprocket bolt using the crank
> holder as the back up torque did you?!?!  If so, bad show!  Putting an
> abnormal stress on the TB.

> Turning it over a few times does that.  Sounds like you have a too loose
> belt and are asking for cam drive train torsional vibration problems.  IMO
> the belt should be so tight that the 90 deg. twist is all that you can
> muster without a tool.  Don't be timid, better tight than loose.
> As an aside, was the old crank oil seal leaking?  DFI if IAB!
> Bernie
> > The Bentley says nothing about snugging up that side of the belt before
> >tensioning with the water pump.
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