200q Center bearing Repair

Mike Sylvester msylvester at verizon.net
Mon Jun 28 12:30:31 EDT 2004

Tom,I was under one of Peter Schulz' avants this weekend.He had his exhaust
off,so we figured we should look at his driveshaft.He also has the noise
when loading/unloading the drivetrain.His u-joint felt tight.  The play in
his driveshaft seems to be in the cv-joints.It is easy to determine.  Just
hold both halves of the drive shaft and twist in opposite directions.You
will be able to feel any play in the u-joint.You can do the same with each
cv-joints on the ends of the driveshaft.Mike Sylvester--original message--I
have the exhaust off my 200q20v for some repairs to the rear end (no
schoolboy giggling, please), and was thinking that now would be a good time
to pay
the center driveshaft some much needed attention.

I have been getting noise when I let off the gas (like a metal on metal
rattle) and I think it is narrowed down to the U-joint / center bearing
area.  Of
course, with this being a long hollow chunk of metal, it's difficult to say
precisely from where the noise originates.

I did a google search and there is refererence to both a BMW and a Mercedes
replacement bearing / carrier that will work with the audi drive shafts, but
am having trouble tracking down the exact part numbers and which bearing /
carrier goes to which audi driveshaft.

If anyone has the information, please let me know, or, alternately, provide
me with a link where it can be found.


Tom Werner

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