A/C Stereo Clicking--Which Relay? (no constructive content)

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Jesus Bernie,  I thought you were a crusty old Mechanical Engineer, not an 
Electrical one as well.

Will the wonder ever cease.


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Looks like you have the right relay.  It's been a long time since I've had
these relays opened, The 200 had a shorted diode, causing the compressor to
run all the time.  The 90 had an open diode, causing the electrical system

If you pull the relay you should have no comp. clutch action and no
electrical disturbance, Yes?  Trace out the circuit on the relay pc board.
Bentley pg. 590 is wrong, showing the clutch supression as being a capicitor
instead of a diode.  The diode, like the capacitor shown, is across the
relay contacts, anode to pin 87 and cathode to pin 30.  The other diode is
likely the relay coil suppression diode, across the relay coil.


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