Timing Belt Tightening

SuffolkD at aol.com SuffolkD at aol.com
Mon Jun 28 15:54:13 EDT 2004

A few of us did this last week.
I remember seeing the belt slack on the idler side and taught on the water 
pump side, They turned it over and over a few times to distribute the slack 
either while tightening or then tightening the H2O pump after belt tension was 
equal on both "sides".
I have a short video of that 2080A tool courtesy of Peter, in use and how far 
to set it, ALSO Ray gives a quick clinic on the crank seal/shaft lip which is 
also benficial.

If you have larger e-mail capabilities, I can send you the two.

ALSO this week I plan to have the whole proceedure in photos posted here:
Quattro123.com  HTH
-Scott by BOSTON

> I'm redoing my timing belt on the 200q20v because I flubbed up the
> crankshaft seal installation last fall and had a fairly good oil leak.    I
> since acquired the 2080A tool that puts the seal in properly instead of
> guessing whether it's right using sockets as I did before.  I then followed
> the Bentley directions for tightening the belt with the water pump so that
> I can twist it 90 degrees with forefinger and thumb at the midpoint between
> camshaft pulley and water pump pulley.  I rotated the engine several times
> and found the adjustment the same.  So I buttoned 'er up and was starting
> to install the belt deflection limiter on the passenger side when I
> remembered I'd forgotten to torque the camshaft pulley bolt.  So I take the
> cover off again and notice there's a fair amount of slack between the
> crankshaft pulley and the camshaft pulley.  I noticed this because I
> reinstalled the 2084 crank holder so I could torque the camshaft bolt, and
> had to nudge the crank pulley a bit to line it up for the tool.  Do you
> normally "take the slack out" of the belt between the cam and crank pulleys
> before tightening the other side with the water pump?  The Bentley says
> nothing about snugging up that side of the belt before tensioning with the

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