C. E. L.

Kneale Brownson knotnook at traverse.com
Tue Jun 29 14:55:30 EDT 2004

A wet footwell can be a leaking seal around the windshield, plugged sunroof
drains and/or plugged main drain for the HVAC well covered by that black
rain diverter.  The last is the most likely unless you know the windshield
was replaced in the recent past.  

If the CEL stays on, you probably have wet electricals in the little cubby
on the outside of the passenger footwell.  Hunt around for a couple of
screws in the fuzzy covering for the panel.  

The main drain for the HVAC area is a one-way rubberish valve (to keep
varmints out, I guess) located toward the firewall between the heater core
box and the A/C evaporator box.  When this drain plugs, the water can run
in around the recirculation flap for the A/C.  If you look carefully down
toward the bottom of the HVAC well, you can locate the drain.  It's about
1" hole in the metal. maybe 3/4" inside the rubber grommet.  I used a
rounded piece of 3/8 or 1/2" dowel to unplug it on my 5ktq.  Ever since,
I've made a point of vacuuming out that area a couple times a year to get
all the leaves, pine needles and acorns out of there.

At 01:35 PM 6/29/2004 -0400, Andy Schor wrote:
>My car sat outside in the rain (with the windows and 
>sunroof closed), and the RF footwell carpet got soaked.  
>Now the check engine light comes on immediately 
>when the car is started.  It seems to run fine, but I am 
>concerned about the light. 
>I will check the sunroof drains for debris, anywhere 
>else should I look for a source of incoming rain water?  
>It doesn't seem to leak when the car is washed, but 
>when it is parked outside during a hard rain.  
>I bought this car a few months ago but have not driven 
>it much since.

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